Simplicity in reactions...

Zira lets users add and remove roles from themselves by simply reacting to a message.

Since 2017, Zira has been assigning roles in some of the biggest Discord servers on the platform!

Multiple Messages & ChannelsUse Any RoleAuto Assign Roles On JoinSupports Custom EmotesJoin & Leave MessagesSuggestionsAuto Color RolesLogging

Say hello to Zira...

The last Reaction based roles bot you will ever need!

Zira's intuitive commands make it easy to set up multiple types of reaction roles quickly. We offer an online guide and support to ALL users.

Online Guide

An online guide is provided to all users. It provides clear instructions and examples to take advantage of all that Zira has to offer.


We provide a support channel in our Discord server where you can ask any questions you may have, in your native language.

Reaction Roles & Auto Roles

Zira offers 4 different types of reaction roles: Normal, Once, Remove, and Toggle. She can also automatically assign roles to users and bots when the join the server, without the need to react.


Allow users to send suggestions to the system with commands, and specified roles can approve and deny these sent suggestions.

Join & Leave Messages

Zira can send specified join & leave messages to a channel of your choice.

Private Rooms & Voice Channel roles

Assign a role when a user joins a voice channel and allow users to create their own private voice channels.

Zira Premium

Support Zira's future development and the team behind it by purchasing premium!

Premium Perks

  • Unlimited Roles of ANY Type

  • DM users when roles are given to or taken from them

  • Ablity to set a specific suggestion submission channel

  • Custom suggestion routing

  • Ability To Send Users A DM When Their Suggestion Gets Updated

  • Our Eternal Love & Internet Hugs For Supporting Us ❤

Premium Support

Premium server owners will gain access to the dedicated premium support channel in our Discord, plus a shiny role to stand out.

If you have any billing related questions or concerns, please DM @Premium Billing Help in our support server.

/ 30 days / server

Be sure to DOUBLE CHECK which guild you are buying premium for.